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Another Busy Week In The Midas City
Wednesday, November 09, 2005 - 7:54:30 am PST
Posted by :: Aaron

I've put in a garbage disposal, wrote a bunch of crap, beat a video game, took out and old coworker from Illinois on a surprise visit, and the week just started.

Today I'm meeting our landlord for the first time. Tomorrow we have dinner with my current coworkers at a new Thai place. This weekend another ex-coworker and current friend is coming to stay one night along with two of her kids and another of her friends. Miles to go before I sleep, and speaking of which I need to get a little more.

Yesterday the Governator and his supported slew of Republican crap hole propositions got their ass handed right back to them. Although the next round is a "Marriage Protection" act, so I've got to get in that fight.

On another note, I've got no time for Pro-Lifers in my world. I can't stand the hypocrisy of that camp, and the holier-than-thou lunacy that parades itself as (self)righteousness. We watched Frontline last night and it was a keeper.

I believe the house's favorite moment was after this young, poor, black woman from the Mississipi delta was explaining that not only do they not have access to or knowledge about contraception, but that abortion is functionally out of their reach. The Pro-Life movement leader, a white woman, then explains that being poor is no excuse, because she was a young, poor, single white woman with a baby once, and getting through college was very difficult. But God provided. Everyone in the room screamed, "Getting through college!?!?!?!" You DUMBASS! Here's this black woman whose shadow will never even grace the inside of a college hallway unless she's mopping it and this dumb fuck is talking about God will provide. God will provide my foot booting your ass!

Off soapbox. Back to work drones!

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