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Isaac Smith Kalloch
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 10:30:13 pm PDT
Posted by :: Aaron

So I just sort of stumbled on this today, because I wondered if there were any people in history who had come from Ottawa and made it big in San Francisco. Some Google action brought me to this wiki page. Get this, Isaac Smith Kalloch was from Maine, born in 1832. He was a Baptist minister who preached in Boston, MA and it seems got into some trouble for "sexual improprieties". Of course this the middle 1800's so who knows what that means. Anyway, he moves to New York, and then to Kansas where he is purported to be a signatory of Ottawa's original company charter and perhaps has something to do with Ottawa University, although I can't find anything about that.

After this, he moves to San Francisco and joins the Workingman's Party whose slogan was, "The Chinese must go!". Check out the Chinatown Declared a Nuisance! pamphlet.

Kalloch runs for mayor under this party against a man backed by then Chronicle editor-in-chief Charles De Young. De Young insults Kalloch, Kalloch insults De Young's mother by suggesting that she runs a brothel. De Young, enraged by this, hunts down Kalloch and shoots him in the street...twice. Kalloch actually survives this and becomes the 18th mayor of San Francisco (1879-1881) through a sympathy vote. Kalloch's son then later tracked down DeYoung and killed him.

It seems that Charles De Young was brother to Micheal Henry De Young after whom the De Young museum in Golden Park is named.

Kalloch served his term and moved to Washington state where he died in 1887.

Hmm, there's some more to this I think. Must dig further.

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