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Vote Early and Often
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 - 4:11:56 am PDT
Posted by :: eek!

Philly has the cheese steak, Maine has lobster rolls, New York and Chicago have their version of pizza. Minnesota or more specificly South Minneapolis has the Jucy Lucy. A hamburger where the cheese is on the inside of the burger. It creates a molten hot cheesy inside. Awesome.

The Blue Door Pub in St. Paul is currently having a Blucy (their version of a Jucy Lucy) of the Moment (B.O.M.) Contest. Online you can submit your idea for a BOM. I sent in about 30 different ones. They picked the Mexican Blucy. I am currently going against 4 others (that don’t look nearly as good). If I win I get a $25 gift cert. and a t-shirt. I am not going to tell you who to vote for but doesn’t this sound good.

The Mexican Blucy
We’ve loaded this guy up with queso fresco and cilantro in the middle and pico de gallo, creama Mexicana and some spices to top it off! Can you say, “muy bien?”

Thank you for your support and go vote.

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