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Jim Koch (Sam Adams) on being #1
Monday, December 15, 2008 - 6:35:13 am PDT
Posted by :: eek!


I have to admit having Boston Beer as the #1 largest US brewer is a very good thing.

1. They support homebrewers. They have a Longshot competition where homebrewers can win the chance for Sam Adams to brew their beer. They also have an internal one too so that their staff understands the beer making process.
2. They sold back there extra hops twice during the hop crisis to brew pubs and breweries at cost.
3. They care about quality. They actually buy back beer that is past a freshness date.
4. They take some chances. They brewed a triple bock, a beer that tipped the scales at 25% alcohol, chocolate beer, imperial pilsner and others.

Cheers to the new number #1.

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