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Burma Fund Reminder, Weird/Interesting Shit
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 - 7:27:12 am PDT
Posted by :: Aaron

Hsan will be sending the money on the 15th. I've had a lot of people get in touch with me off line, and at this point we're still taking donations. If you want to send me a note pledging some cash, feel free to do so and I will front it if your money doesn't arrive in time. Super thanks to everyone who already put up some cash, it's awesome to see some of the good parts of humanity come out in tragedy. Are you confused about what's going on? Check out this entry.

Weird shit of the day:

A blog dedicated to photos of father's and their children's heads swapped. Seriously.

A song made entirely of Call of Duty 4 weapon sounds.

Things younger than John McCain.

Interesting stuff:

A new book coming out about closeted homosexuality in rap music.

The last bit is an article from the New York Times on the recent indictment of General Vang Pao, who led our Hmong Laotian allies against the North Vietnamese during the war. Pao is being tried on trumped up terrorism charges for continuing the fight which is simply the last in a long line of betrayals by our government toward the Hmong. It's amazing that anyone will be our allies at this point. Modern history of Laos. Hmong people who live almost silently among us, most of them from simple hunter/gatherer animist stock, ripped from their homes because of our war.

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