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The Requiem
No Arson?
If I May Solicit Your Advice
Back In The Land Where Everything Looks And Smells Like IKEA
Codename Stakkato
Your Gob'ment Loves You
Someone Should Have Taught Me How To Shave
You Need A Mac, Part II
Rock The Casbah
Another Night, Another Dance Club
Have I Noted The Extreme Prices Recently?
Brown Sugar
A Beer Entry For This Friday Afternoon
This Is Blowing My Mind
It Is My Turn
The Banality Of Evil
I'm Tired
Family And More Traveling
Truancy In Southern Climes
Supersize Me
It Sucks, Because It Matters
God Bless America, A Continuing Series
Mista Mista
That's The Sweden I Love
Before Sunrise
Sportlov; And What Is Wrong With These Blonde People?
Say It Ain't So
An Old Timey Country Song
They're All Going To Laugh At You
No Thanks, Man. I Don't Really Want A Reggae CD.
Swedish PSO
My New Favorite Distraction
Gravity Is Only A Theory, Too.
I'll Be God Damned. IT WORKED
::The Final Solution To The Jewish Problem::
How Depressing
Notes From The North
Here Comes The Sun
Life Is For Living
This Dude And Genital Mutilation
What's On My Mind
Caffeine And Not-So-Socialist Privitazation
New Orleans
Did Yesterday Really Happen?
Back in Sverige
An Ode To The Riverboat Casino
Breaking The Silence
Cue the Lynyrd Skynyrd
And Morning Quickly Slips Into Evening
A Fine Morning
"Swedes Have Short Dicks But Long Memories"
A Sun Haiku
Heads Up
Mother Russia
I'm Scared
Trial By Fire
Sunlight Report
Stockholm Public Transport: A Lot (I Don't Remember); Me: ZERO SQUARED
Codex Argenteus: The Silver Bible
Because Otherwise I Would Turn Schizophrenic
And So It Begins
O' Death
Europe is cliche anyway, huh?
I'm Afraid Of Americans
Sweden Is Making Me Stupid
So That Was It, Huh?
I Thought This Was Kind Of Interesting
Revolutionary War Wounds Being Bled
They Called My Bluff
Why I Oughtta...
Hey, Man
Some Pagan Harmonies Courtesy of Thor
Check..1, 2...Is This Thing Still On?
If That Wasn't Nice, What Is?
I Live In A Monkey House
Fun At The Systembolaget
What You Are Leaving Behind
"As A Gentleman Would Say"
Victor, Cut the Drama and Lay Off the Viagra
some things can be so difficult in this country...
Snus in Sweden--What Would Freud Say?
Seven Cuts for Balthaczar
Back to Stockholm
Gettin' Learned.
The Ante has been Upped...
Gamla Uppsala
1950's American Car Show: Swedish Redux
Photos: a castle, a canal, and plenty of the church
Metrosexuals and the Swedish Ideal

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